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Note on AKAN 47731.

Having conducted extensive research on MiG-29 color schemes for our own Linden Hill decal sheets, it is our considered opinion that the original four-tone upper surface camouflage 1989 delivery scheme for the Czechoslovak MiG-29s was 73080 Sand +73026 Dark Brown + 73055 Green + 73024 Dark Green. The lower surfaces are actually 73092, which is the standard overall MiG-29 gray (this paint includes special highly durable additives to protect the airframe). The same color scheme was applied to the first East German MiG-29s. The Polish MiG-29s, acquired from the Czech Republic in the mid-1990s, also carried this scheme. In other words, you would need to add the individual colors 73055 and 73092 to six-pack 47731 in order to complete this camouflage scheme accurately...



Product Code Item Description Price (US$)
AKAN 47730 CSSR, CSFR, Czech and Slovak combat aircraft camouflage 1980s -early 1990s six pack (Su-22, MiG-21, 23) (73023+73024+73026+73055+73060+73080) 23.00
AKAN 47731 CSSR, CSFR, Czech and Slovak MiG-29 camouflage six pack (73005+73010+73024+73025+73026+73080) 23.00
AKAN 47732 Slovak MiG-29 1990s camouflage six pack (73010+73060+73092+73093+76017+79043) 23.00


AKAN 74000 AKAN brand acrylic thinner for airbrushing (15ml) 3.00
AKAN 74001 AKAN brand acrylic thinner for hand brushing (15ml) 3.00
AKAN 74000 (75) AKAN brand acrylic thinner for airbrushing (75ml) 13.00



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