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A-resin is a new resin detail studio from Russia. Its owner and designer is the man behind Komplekt Zip and Scale Bureau. he is also a designer for one of Russia's leading plastic model companies.

Product code Item description Scale Price (US$)
AR32001 Yak-3 prop blades (Special Hobby) 1/32 8.00
AR32002 Yak-3 control surfaces (Special Hobby) 1/32 12.00
AR32003 Yak-3 cockpit detail set (Special Hobby) 1/32 16.00
AR32004 M-25 engine (I-16 t.5-17; I-15; I-152) 1/32 12.00
AR48001 M-11 engine 1/48 6.00
AR48002 Il-2 wheels (Tamiya + Accurate Miniatures) 1/48 8.00
AR 48003 M-25 engine (I-16 t.5-17; I-15; I-152) 1/48 10.00
AR72001 Tu-22 wheels (Modelsvit) 1/72 18.00
AR72002 M-11 engine 1/72 TBA
AR72003 Il-2m3 cockpit detail set (Zvezda) 1/72 8.00
AR72007 M-25 engine (I-16 t.5-17; I-15; I-152) 1/72 8.00





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