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Welcome to our new-look 'Books' page! Since we have taken on so many publishers from various countries over the last year, we decided to split the selections up into national categories (relating to where the publisher is based rather than subject matter).

We will now use this page to alert you to new and forthcoming publications available from Linden Hill Imports.

'Strizhi - Swifts' by Anton Pavlov (Product code: Strizhi: $12.99)

A great new booklet from the author of the ultimate Russian-language book on the MiG-29 9-12. 40 pages of dual Russian/English text on the famous VVS aerobatics team, featuring many color photos, team biographies, and detailed diagrams of team maneuvers. The book also features a short biography of the late commander of the 237th Aircraft Demonstration Center at Kubinka AB, Colonel Igor Tkachenko, who tragically was killed on August 16, 2009, while rehearsing with the Russian Knights team for the MAKS air show.

Our Linden Hill Decals 'Strizhi' decal sets are still available in 1/48 and 1/72 scales.

Flying Legend - An-2 and An-3 (Product code: AN23. $45)

Hardback, Russian-language text, 200 pages, many b/w and 4c photos, 3 pages of 4c profiles, 7 pages of scale profiles. An excellent illustrated history of the An-2 family, published in Ukraine to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first flight of the An-2. Limited quantities available.

AEROLIT 006 'Wall Flyers - The Berlin Air Corridor and Tempelhof Airport' (US$22)

German-language photo-album documenting the history of the Corridor from 1945 to 1990. Another 'must-have' book from Lutz Freundt for students of the Cold War and modelers alike. 168 pages, 300 photos.

Airacobras over Kuban (product code: AVRO 002: $24.99)

The new book from our good friend Valery Romanenko. This 96-page volume features many newly discovered photos of Soviet P-39K, L and M variants, along with some interesting pictures from the archives of the Niagara Aerospace Museum regarding the Lend-Lease delivery of P-39s to the USSR. Includes two pages of 4c profiles, a four-page section of 4c photos and an A3 sheet of 1/48 scale plans, taken from Soviet archives. You can find a review here:


Text is in Russian with English-language photo captions. We're hoping to persuade Valery to include an English-language precis with his next book!


AOB001 $39.99

This lavishly illustrated 150-page volume charts the history of the VVS's 812th Fighter Air Regiment from its inception in March 1942, through to the liberation of the Crimea in May 1944. A second volume will chart the 812th's role in the liberation of Europe in the final year of the war. In addition to be the first VVS air regimental combat history published fully in English, the book contains 30 full color maps and diagrams, 26 large color scale profiles and 12 pages of deeply researched scale plans of the Yak fighter variants flown by the 812th IAP during the time period covered by the book. In short, it is a must-have volume for anyone interested in the air war on the Eastern Front.

TSR3 'Zlins...' $19.50

German-language photo-album on Zlin series of trainers. 50 pages in 4-color. Includes many unpublished photos and lots of profiles of Zlins in international. An essential reference book when building the excellent little Toga Z-42M kit.

Mil Mi-8 (EKSP 003: $12.00)

MiG-29 frontal fighter (EKSP 002: $12.00)

Aircraft of the GDR - Vol. 4. Photos and Documents (Product code: DDR 4. Price: $33.50)

This final installment is in effect a 180-page photo album featuring over 300 photos (200 in color) of all types of aircraft in service in the GDR. These photos were submitted to the publishers following the publication of the first three volumes in the series. There are numerous gems to be found within the covers, including very rare shots of the NVA's sole Il-28U in flight and an early MiG-23S in Soviet markings acquired by the NVA . Such photos were taken at great personal risk to the cameraman! This volume cannot be recommended highly enough.


Polygon's Russian Aircraft in Action series. Each book in this English-language series contains roughly 80 pages packed with large format photographs (in b/w and 4 c), profiles and plans. A bargain at $17.95 per issue!

POLYR 002 Su-24 $17.95

Product Code Item Description Price (US$)
POLYR 002 Sukhoi Su-24 $17.95

'I-15bis fighter' by Mikhail Maslov (Product code: I15B. $17)




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