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A new line of periodicals for Linden Hill. Fliegerrevue Extra (FRX) is, to all extents and purposes, the German-language analog of International Air Power Review. As with IAPR, FRX is a quarterly journal, profusely illustrated with exclusive photographs and profiles, covering historical and modern aviation; both military and civil. What sets FRX apart is the preponderance of features on subjects close to the bailiwick of Linden Hill! Some of FRX's editorial team clearly have their roots in the old GDR and each issue contains a large proportion of articles related to the GDR, USSR, Russia and related Cold War subjects. All issues listed below are highly recommended.



Issue 18 features: German-Swedish Secret Projects, 1921-35; Mikulin and the 'Baade' Bomber - the battle of the jet engines; Dragons' Wings', Part 2 - Chinese military aviation; Dornier Do-17 - the true story of the development of the 'flying pencil', based on newly discovered archives; Winter in Bulgaria - a German designer and the birth of Bulgarian aviation.

FRX 17

Issue 17 includes: Jatko Sota - the Finnish Continuation War 1941-44; 60 Years of Jet Flight in the USSR - the first fighters; 'Dragons' Wings', Part 1 - Chinese military aviation; Croatia's Air Force, Part 2 - the war of independence; The Battle for H-3 Air Base - Iraq's Hunters versus Israel in 1967.

FRX 16

Issue 16 includes: Escape over the Iron Curtain - inner German border flights; The first night for Iraq's Air Force in the First Gulf War of 1991; Between Insurrection and Rearmament - the history of the Indonesian Air Force; Croatian Military Aviation, Part 1 - 1912 to 1945

FRX 15

Issue 15 features: Civil Aviation in the GDR, Part 4 - the last decade; The Ukrainian Air Force - from attack to defence; Battle for Kinshasa - the role of the Air Force of Zimbabwe in support of Kabila's DR Congo; The Polish - Soviet Russian Air War 1919-1920; The Royal Jordanian Air Force - yesterday and today (includes new information on Jordanian support of Pakistan with F-104s in the Indo-Pakistani conflict of 1972)

FRX 14

Issue 14 features:

Pilot training in the NVA 1952-1990; Persian Cats - the F-14 in the Iran - Iraq War 1981; German shipborne floatplanes, part 3 - World War II; Aeroflot's Successors - Russian civil aviation in transition; Yugoslavia and Serbia - the air force since 1945.


Issue 12 features:

Flying Cranes - crane flights in the GDR (features many rare photos of M-4s, Mi-8s, Mi-10s and Ka-32s in service in the GDR); Yom Kippur War 1973 - the secret supporters of Arab air forces during the conflict (new revelations and photos from Arab sources. Color profiles by Tom Cooper); Meidagen 1940 - the air war during the German invasion of Holland; Junkers aircraft in China during the 1920s and 30s; The Air Force of Serbia and Montenegro Part 1 - 1912 to 1945.


Issue 11 features:

Aeronautical sports in the GDR - the dominance of the military; the Finnish winter war - David versus Goliath; German research aircraft; air forces of the Balkans, part 2 - Bosnia and Herzegovina (features Bosnia and Republika Srpska); flying pioneers - colonial aviation in German South West Africa (now Namibia).


Issue 10 features:

German shipborne floatplanes part 1 - beginning; Interflug part 3 - the jet era; 50 years Bundeswehr - the German Starfighter story; 'Minicoins' over Biafra - the story of humanitarians and mercenaries; the Slovenian Air Force from 1918 to the present day.


Issue 9 features:

The Baade 152 und Libelle - the rise and fall of the GDR's aviation industry (features many rare color photos of the the ill-fated 152 airliner); Hans Klemm - pioneer of wooden aircraft construction; Guardians of the Oceans - the P-3 Orion joins the German Navy plus a history of the P-3 along with some contemporaries such as the Atlantic, Nimrod and Il-38; Between the Adria and the Urals - Europe's aerial firefighters; Dogfights over Cyprus - illustrated history of the air war following the Turkish invasion in 1974 (feature includes rare footage of Turkish F-100s in action against Cypriot maritime targets).


Issue 8 features:

Sporting and paramilitary aviation in the GDR - the early years of the FDJ and GST; The Latvian Air Force of yesteryear and today; Firefighters in North America; the Fokker Triplane - myth and reality; the Yak-25/27/28 in the Cold War.


Issue 7 features:

Flying farmers - agricultural aviation in the GDR; Espionage over the Baltic - Sweden's role in the Cold War; Airbus - 35 years of European airliner construction; the Battle for China, 1945 - the Soviet air offensive; the history of the Turkish aviation industry - from hang gliders to the Fighting Falcon.

Issue 6 features:

Civil Aviation in the GDR, part 2 - the turboprop era; the Estonian Air Force through the ages; Air war in the Causasus - Chechnya and Dagestan; London to Melbourne - the longest air race in the World; Goodbye MiG-29 - the German years.

Issues 5 features:

Civil Aviation in the GDR, part 1 - beginnings; The Lithuanian Air Force from 1918 to the present day; Eurofighter Typhoon; Fighters over Africa - The Nigerian Air Force and the Biafran conflict; the Chinese Air Force from 1914 to 1945.

Issue 4 features:

VIP and government flights in the GDR - TG-44; Hot skies in the Cold War - NATO spy flights over the USSR and Warsaw Pact countries; the Convair story, part 2 - airliners; Aeronavale - French naval aviation from its beginnings into the new millennium; Phoney War in the East - 1938/9 border conflicts at Lake Khasan and on the Khalkin-Gol River; the legendary Tu-104 - part 2.

Issue 3 features:

Volkspolizei Luft, 1952 - the beginnings of military aviation in the GDR; UAVs - weapons of the future?; the Convair story, part 1 - military aircraft; Operation Otto - the Luftwaffe's role in the 1938 occupation of Austria; Schuette-Lanz - the rise and fall of a German airship manufacturer; the legendary Tupolev Tu-104, part 1.

Issue 2 features:

Mi-24 upgrades - increased combat efficiency for the new NATO members; the Piper story - the Henry Ford of aviation; VTOL prototypes - achievements of the German aerospace industry from the 1950s to the 70s; "Flight Deck Clear!" - German aircraft carriers up to 1945; East German NVA transport aircraft - international and special deployments.

Issue 1 features:

US air power against terror - Operation Enduring Freedom; F-22 Raptor - America's future air superiority fighter; German charter airlines; Pilatus aircraft - Swiss precision; CargoLifter - the airship makes a comeback; Air war in Afghanistan in the 1980s - trauma for the Russians.



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