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High quality kits including resin and photo-etched parts plus decals.


new 1/48 scale Su-27 or MiG-29 R-27 'Alamo' missile sets:

WK 4805: Four R-27ER Alamo C and four R-27ET Alamo D missiles for the Su-27 Flanker series, complete with launchers ($39.99)


WK 4806: Two R-27R/T Alamo A/B missiles for the MiG-29 Fulcrum series, complete with launchers ($25.99)

Both resin kits come with extra photo-etch details and decals.


The front half of the missiles are cast vertically, which eliminates the need to sand off a carrier interface (saving the fine fuse details), and the rear half is molded horizontally with a carrier allowing both ends to be hollowed out; one end for the exhaust and the other end to make it easier to attach to the front half. The Su-27/30 set contains eight missiles. The MiG-29 set two of the shorter range version of the R-27.

The Kh-59 can equip the MiG-27K and Su-30/27UBM.

Product code Item Scale Price (US$)
WK 4805 R-27ET and R-27ER missiles for the Su-27 Flanker series (8 missiles) 1/48 39.99
WK 4806 R-27T and R-27R missiles for the MiG-29 Fulcrum series (2 missiles) 1/48 25.99



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