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Iraqi Fighters 1953 - 2003

Our new 'Iraqi Fighters' decal releases in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scales are designed to complement the excellent book of the same name. Indeed we are indebted to co-author Tom Cooper and publisher Heinz Berger for their input in creating these sheets. Additional information on Iraqi Air Force markings has come to light since the publication of the book in July 2008 and, thanks to Tom, we have been able to incorporate this new research into our sheets. In particular we are able to offer correctly sized Iraqi insignia with the appropriate 'Jeem' markings, something seriously lacking in many previous aftermarket sheets purporting to represent Iraqi aircraft.

The sheer number of subjects covered on these sheets should keep modelers busy for a few months. See below for a full listing of the aircraft covered:


Hunter F6 #399 & #403

Hunter F59A #570 1967

MiG-19S #500

MiG-17F #441, #452 and #453

MiG-21MF #1019

MiG-21bis #21178 & #4086

MiG-29 9-12 #29040

Further aircraft from the book can be depicted by mixing and matching the decals available.


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