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'Flanker Sparka': Su-27/30 Family Two-Seaters

LHD 32006 'Flanker Sparka' ($23.99)



Our forthcoming decal set features no less than five Russian Air Force Su-27UBs plus one Su-30. We also welcome back the arctic Flankers in 1/32nd scale! The three 9th GvIAP Su-27UBs we featured on our earlier 'Guardians of the North' 1/48 and 1/72 sets appear for the first time in 1/32 scale.

(All photos are the copyright of Andrey Zinchuk)


Furthermore, the set also includes three Su-27UBs serving with the Air Defense Forces of Kazakhstan. The Kazakh UBs show three different types of markings the Air Defense Forces have carried since independence. As a special bonus we have also included bort number 05 for a single-seat Su-27 serving with the 604th Air Base of the Kazakh ADF at Taldyqorgan. To our knowledge, no Kazakh markings have ever appeared in decal form in 1/32 scale before, so this decal sheet is truly unique in that respect.

As ever with our Flanker sheets, LHD 32006 is designed to be used in conjunction with our Su-27 stencil sheet, LHD 32003


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