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'Snow Leopards of the Seven Rivers', or the 'Zhetysu Bariisii' in the Kazakh language, is the nickname of the 604th Air Base of the Kazakh Air Force at Taldyqorgan (Zhetysu Region) in the far east of the country. The Base flies Su-27s and MiG-27Ds in both the air defense and ground attack roles. It is also home to the Air Force display team, 'Zhetysu', which flies the Su-27. Our decal sheet came together as a result of the exclusive access to the base afforded to an LHD contributor, and features decal options for the Base's Su-27S/M2, Su-27UB/UBM2, MiG-27D and MiG-23UB fleet. Although this preview is for LHD 32008, the set will also be available in 1/48 and 1/72 scales. As ever with LHD releases, the set will be accompanied by an instruction booklet featuring exclusive photographs and profiles of the subject aircraft, along with a short history of the 604th Air Base.






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