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" 21st Century Shturmoviks - Russian and International Su-25s"

Linden Hill's Su-25 decal sheet is the first new sheet dedicated to this enigmatic aircraft to be released in almost ten years. The Su-25 Frogfoot is now almost synonymous with conflicts in the former USSR since 1991. LHD 72003 and 48003 provide you with sufficient markings to choose from no less than eleven Su-25 color schemes. From our one sheet you can build five different Su-25s of your choice. 

As ever, Linden Hill's choice of markings are the most esoteric ever to be found for the Su-25. Aircraft involved in the conflicts in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Georgia/Abkhazia, Central Asia and drug-busting operations in Peru are all represented here. The controversial aspects of the Su-25's operations over the years make our sheet long overdue for modelers of Russian aircraft.

Our sheet also includes a full page of text instructions offering historical background and accurate coloring guides for the subject aircraft. Our research was conducted for the most part in the former USSR and eastern Europe and conflicts with the assertions made by other western decal manufacturers.

Photo of Peruvian Su-25UB taken from Air Fleet issue 2.2001. This magazine contains an excellent article on Russian aircraft in service with the FAP.




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