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"Millennium MiGs - Upgraded and Late Service MiG-21s"

For an aircraft distinguished not only by its Cold War service but also its sheer worldwide ubiquity, the MiG-21is another Russian aircraft to have suffered the neglect of major decal manufacturers for years. Our sheet concentrates on the later variants of the MiG-21 and features the MiG-21MF, SM, bis, bis SAU and UM, the Chinese MF copy known as the J-7III and the upgraded Romanian Lancer A, B and C.

LHD 48004 enables you to build your choice of no less than twelve different Mig-21s (both single-seaters and two-seaters). LHD 72004 offers thirteen marking variations. From our one sheet you will be able to build up to five full MiG-21s in different schemes.

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Extra option for LHD 72004:



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