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"Flankers on Patrol Part 2 - The Guardians of the North"

March 11, 2005. News Update for LHD 48007 and 72007

If you are modeling Su-27UB Red 50 from FoP2, please note that, upon advice from our friends at the 9th GvIAP at Kilp-Yavr, we have printed up a small extra sheet of stenciling peculiar to Red 50. Please see the photo below for placement information of the additional 'air intake' stencil. We will be adding this additional decal to all future shipments of LHD 72007 and 48007. If you already bought either of these sheets and would like to receive this additional decal for Red 50, please send us a stamped self-addressed envelope, if in the US. Customers resident outside the US should send us a stamped self-addressed envelope and 2 International Reply Coupons.


(Photo: Andrey Zinchuk)

Take a look at the photograph above. It was taken at Kilp-Yavr Air Base in the Russian arctic during the brief summer months. It portrays a seemingly innocuous line of Su-27s. What secrets do these Flankers hold, so far from Moscow? All is revealed in "The Guardians of the North". Our incredible new sheet features a number of Su-27s from the Russian Air Force's historic northern fighter regiments, each featuring special marking schemes never before seen in public outside the airbases concerned.

We are indebted to our friends in the VVS for their invaluable help in allowing us to bring you these unique Su-27s in decal form. "The Guardians of the North" is available in 1/72, 1/48 AND 1/32 scales. The instructions  feature not only full color profiles, but also unique photographic references of these rare and secretive birds in their boreal habitats. Full technical stenciling is available separately from us, taken directly from VVS manuals at the Kilp-Yavr maintenance section.

The follow-on release from "Guardians of the North" will feature yet more rare and beautiful Su-27s. "Flankers on Patrol Part 3 - From Sun Up to Sun Down" concentrates on VVS regiments on the Baltic and Pacific coasts. Yet again our sheets will portray colorful Flankers never before represented in print or decal form.

Our inspiration and quality control expert for Linden Hill's Su-27 sheets! Andrei Yeldashov, the co-creator of the 941st IAP's badge, holding a copy of Linden Hill's 'Flankers on Patrol - Part 1' decal sheets in front of one of his charges. Andrei and his team have been busy at work with some new emblems for us to recreate in decal form.


Blue 41 of the 9th GvIAP, named for HSU Alexander Chislov

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N.B. Full sheets of accurate stencils for the Su-27 in 1/32, 1/48 and 1/72 scales are also available from Linden Hill Decals.


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