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"Lipetsk Top Guns" - The Aircraft of the Russian Air Force's elite 4. TsBP i PLS

On August 17, 2005 we were very fortunate to be part of a group invited to visit the 4th Center for Combat Application and Air Crew Training of the Russian Air Force at Lipetsk Air Base. Thanks to the base commander, Major General Aleksandr Karchevsky, we were treated to a private air show lasting around two hours. We had complete freedom to photograph what we saw and ended up taking around 600 shots in this short space of time!

This special decal set and booklet package enables you to model a variety of aircraft belonging to this elite unit.

The 1/48 scale version of the set includes markings for the Su-27, Su-27SM, Su-27UB, MiG-29S, MiG-29UB, Su-25 and Su-25T. It also includes bonus decals for a Kazakh AF MiG-29, MiG-29UB or Su-27S.

Here's some of the Lipetsk Top Guns you will be able to decorate from this set:


Here is a full list of marking options in the set:

Su-27SM; Red 02

Su-25T; Red 85

Su-25; Red 73

MiG-29 9-13; Red 29

MiG-29 9-13; Red 32

MiG-29 9-13 Red 30

MiG-29UB; Red 37

Su-27UB; Red 61

Su-27UB; Red 16

Su-27 UB; Red 17 ‘Air Force One’

Su-27S; Red 08 ‘Lipetsk Shark’

Su-27S; Red 01

Bonus options:

MiG-29 Red 03, Unknown Regiment, VVS of Kazakhstan, May 2003.

MiG-29UB Red 24, Unknown Regiment, VVS of Kazakhstan, May 2003.

Su-27S Yellow 05, 604th Air Base, VVS of Kazakhstan, Taldyqorgan AB, Kazakhstan, March 2006.


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