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"Russian Swingers" - MiG-23M, ML, MLA, MLD & P Fighters of the Soviet, Russian and Belarus VVS and PVO.

Our new sheet is brought to you in cooperation with Skygrid and Kazan Precision Enterprises Ltd, to whom we extend our sincere thanks.

The sheet is based on the 1/48 scale decal originally available with Kazan's excellent MiG-23 fighter upgrade set (EK002A).

Our sheet offers you no less than 14 decal options and enough red stars to complete 2 full aircraft from the sheet. The instructions come in full colour and include many additional camouflage, marking and historical notes (based on new research since the release of the Kazan kit). A steal at US$11.99!

Below: one of four pages of full colour profiles in LHD72002

News Flash:

We have just discovered the true identity of the sheet's option 12. Our Hungarian correspondent, Karoly Vandor, has traced "36" to the 14th 'Leningradskiy' GvIAP based in 1981 at Kiskunlachaza AB in Hungary. The 14 GvIAP was under the command of the 11th GvIAD (Guards Fighter Air Division) at Tokol, Hungary. The 14th acquired its 23Ms in 1975 and in 1979 also received MLs. The MiG-23s were replaced by MiG-29s in 1986. "36" was part of the tactical nuclear attack squadron of the regiment and did indeed take part in the Warsaw Pact Exercise 'West 81' in East Germany in late 1981.

We will be amending LHD 72002's instructions to include this interesting new information.

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