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Linden Hill Resin is the name of our new in-house resin accessory line. Sets are researched and designed to the highest contemporary standards and manufactured for us in Moscow, Russia. Sets are packed in stout jewelry boxes with full instructions and historical notes.

Out now:


LHR 72006 and 48006. Mil Mi-24RKhR Chemical/Biological/Nuclear Sampling Variant Conversion Kit.

These sets have been produced exclusively for Linden Hill by the Heliborne studio in Moscow. The detail  has to be seen to be believed! LHR 35006 costs $29, LHR 48006 $25 and LHR 72006 $17.

Mi-24RkhR decals also available from Linden Hill:






LHD 48012 and 72012 feature decal options for 2 Mi-24RKhRs



LHR 48001

LHR 48001 comprises a pair of 1/48 scale 'Korea Modification' dive brakes for the MiG-15bis. Essential if you are modeling a Korean War MiG-15bis which saw action after August 1952.

(photo: Armada, Moscow). This was the standard dive brake size for the MiG-15bis (0.5 sq. m in area).

(photo: Armada, Moscow). The arrival of the F-86F in Korea prompted an in-field modification to the dive brakes of aircraft from the 64th Corps, enlarging them to 0.8 sq. m to counter the F-86F's improved horizontal turning performance. The modification program began in August 1952 and eventually all VVS 64th Corps  aircraft were modified in this way. 

Our set allows modelers finally to be able to model the Tamiya MiG-15bis kit in the correct configuration for a late Korean War VVS aircraft.

Neomega's excellent MiG-15bis cockpit set is also available from us.

Product Code Item Scale Price (US$)
LHR 48001 Korea Modification 0.8 sq. m  MiG-15bis dive brakes (for Tamiya or Trumpeter kits) 1/48 $12.00
LHR 48006 Mil Mi-24RKhR conversion kit (for Revell/Monogram kit) 1/48 $25.00
LHR 72006 Mil Mi-24RKhR conversion kit (for Italeri/Zvezda/Bilek kit) 1/48 $17.00
LHR 35006 Mil Mi-24RKhR conversion kit (for Trumpeter kit) 1/35 $29.00




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