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RusAir, as the name suggests, is a new Russian 1/144 scale airliner kit producer. The kits feature precisely molded resin parts with filigree detail and large decal sheets produced by Begemot. The panel lines are a joy to behold...

Beriev Be-200ChS (product code: 144RA05: $69)

Decals for Emercom (MChS)

An-10A (product code 144RA10: $69)

Includes decals for two Aeroflot An-10s

Tu-154B (product code 144RA07: $69)

This exquisitely molded resin kit may be a lot more expensive than the injection-molded Zvezda model of the later M variant, but this  is the only game in town for the Tu-154B-1 and B-2. The spectacular decal sheet covers four Tu-154B-2s

Decals included for Aeroflot (USSR - Official Olympic Carrier Moscow 1980), Aeroflot (Russia), Dalavia (Khabarovsk, Russian Far East) and Malev Hungarian Airlines

Tu-134A (product code: 144RA09: $69 )

Decals included for: Aeroflot (USSR), Aeroflot (Russia), UTair (Tyumen).

Parts/decals included in the kit for both the solid and glazed nose variants.

Product Code Item Description Scale Price (US$)
144RA05 Be-200 1/144 69.00
144RA07 Tu-154B 1/144 69.00
144RA09 Tu-134 1/144 69.00
144RA10 An-10A 1/144 69.00


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