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One of the foremost names on the modeling scene in Germany. Their new publishing venture with Fliegerrevue magazine and the Motorbuch Publishing Group brings us the definitive history of aviation in the German Democratic Republic.

Aircraft of the GDR - Volume 2. 1963 - 1972 (Product code: DDR 2. SOLD OUT)

In Volume 2 of this terrific German-language series once again every subject is covered with a wealth of hitherto unpublished photos and illustrations. An essential book for the Warsaw Pact aircraft enthusiast and modeler alike. 191 pages. Aircraft covered in Volume 2 include:

An-14, Let Z-37, MiG-21PF, MiG PFM, MiG-21SPS, MiG-21US, Yak-18A, Aero L-29 Delfin, Zlin Z-326/526, An-24, Ilyushin Il-62, Tu-124, Tu-134, Kamov Ka-26, Mil Mi-8T/TB, Mi-9.


Aircraft of the GDR - Volume 3. 1972 - 1990 (Product code: DDR 3. Price: $33.50)

Volume 3 of this German-language series is now available. The format of the book is as per the previous two volumes. More unique color and b/w photos appear in this volume. Most interesting are the color shots taken illicitly by NVA service personnel in times when photographing aircraft could land one very quickly in jail...

Aircraft covered in Volume 3 include:

PZL-104 Wilga, MiG-21M/MF/UM/bis-LASUR/bis-SAU, MiG-29A/UB, Aero L-39C/ZO/V Albatros, Zlin Z-43, Yak-50, MiG-23MF/ML/UB, MiG-23BN, Su-22M4/UM3K, An-26, Let L-410UVP, Tu-154, Airbus A-310, Mi-2, Mi-24, Mi-14.

Aircraft of the GDR - Vol. 4. Photos and Documents (Product code: DDR 4. Price: $33.50)

This final installment is in effect a 180-page photo album featuring over 300 photos (200 in color) of all types of aircraft in service in the GDR. These photos were submitted to the publishers following the publication of the first three volumes in the series. There are numerous gems to be found within the covers, including very rare shots of the NVA's sole Il-28U in flight and an early MiG-23S in Soviet markings acquired by the NVA . Such photos were taken at great personal risk to the cameraman! This volume cannot be recommended highly enough.

TSR2 'Yaks in Germany' $19.50

Profusely illustrated German-language volume on the  all Yakovlev prop aircraft in service in Germany (the GDR and the post-unification Federal Republic). Includes the Yak-18, Yak-18T and Yak-50 series. 50 pages in 4-color. Includes many unpublished photos and profiles.



And to accompany the series:

Limited edition TOM Decals. All NVA decals include our exclusive English translation of the usage of NVA insignia (see above).


NVA Insignia (Code: NVA 32001) 2X A5 SHEET PACKAGE $14.00

The 1/32 scale package includes all 14 different styles of NVA insignia and all 3 red bort number styles.

1/48 scale:

NVA Insignia Part 1 (Code: NVA 48001) $8.99

NVA Insignia Part 2 (Code: NVA 48002) SOLD OUT


1/72 scale

NVA Insignia (Code: NVA 72001) SOLD OUT


Product Code Item Description Scale Price (US$)
DDR 1 Book - 'Aircraft of the GDR - Volume 1' N/A SOLD OUT
DDR 2 Book - 'Aircraft of the GDR - Volume 2' N/A SOLD OUT
DDR 3 Book - 'Aircraft of the GDR - Volume 3' N/A 33.50
DDR4 Book - 'Aircraft of the GDR - Volume 4' N/A 33.50
NVA 32001 Decal - NVA Insignia (2 A5 sheets) 1/32 14.00
NVA 48001 Decal - NVA Insignia Part 1 1/48 8.99
NVA 48002 Decal - NVA Insignia Part 2 1/48 SOLD OUT
NVA 72001 Decal - NVA Insignia 1/72 SOLD OUT

Toga is the kit brand of TOM decals and books. After reboxing other manufacturers' kits, Toga has now taken the major step of commissioning its own toolings. First 1/72 release is:

Zlin Z-42M (Toga 72214: $9.99)

The Z-42 was the basic trainer of many Eastern Bloc countries in 1970s and 80s, and was, broadly speaking, the counterpart of the RAF's Scottish Aviation Bulldog. This kit was manufactured in China and features finely recessed panel lines. There is no flash to be seen on any sprues. The kit contains only 13 parts, plus a display stand! Decal options are for the East German GST (the GDR's equivalent of the Soviet DOSAAF) and a Polish Zlin from the Wroclaw Aeroclub. The featured DDR-WOH was used in a successful escape bid from the GDR. On July 15, 1987 this aircraft was flown from Schoenhagen to Berlin's Gatow Airport without being intercepted. WOH was returned in dismantled condition to the GDR and is still flying today.

Upgrades for this kit also now available:

TOGAP 72001 Zlin Z-42M Photo-etch set for the TOGA kit. $6.00

Prepainted etch set for the TOGA kit, produced by Eduard

Togad 72001 ($7.50)

Special decal sheet designed for the TOGA Z-42M kit. Enables the modeler to build any Z-42M in GDR service.

Looking for reference material on the Zlin?

TSR3 'Zlins...' $19.50

German-language photo-album on Zlin series of trainers. 50 pages in 4-color. Includes many unpublished photos and lots of profiles of Zlins in international. An essential reference book when building the Toga kit.


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