Linden Hill Imports


TSM 1656 1/72 Tu-22m3 Backfire C ($105.99)

TSM 1655 1/72 scale Tu-22m2 Backfire B ($105.99)

TSM 2270  1/32 scale Su-27UB Flanker ($149)

(No boxart image but in stock!) MiG-21UM (Code TR 2219)

MiG-21F-13 (Code TR 2210)

Decals for the USSR, Israel, Vietnam and China

Chengdu F-7II (Code TR 2216)

F5T.jpg (30173 bytes) Shenyang FT-5 Trainer (Code SK 32003)

Features decals for the Ba Yi display team of the PLAAF.

F5.jpg (32000 bytes) Shenyang F-5/MiG-17 (Code SK 32005)

F5A.jpg (33101 bytes) Shenyang F-5A/MiG-17PF (Code SK 32006)

1/72 scale kits

SK72002Y-5.jpg (14148 bytes) Harbin Y-5 (Code SK 72002)

This is the Chinese license-built version of the Antonov An-2. The Y-5 differs in many small respects from its Soviet progenitor. Similarly this kit is based on the Bilek offering but has been updated in many respects. Trumpeter's offering features the additional cabin windows of the Y-5 and a revised two-piece cowling. Overall surface detail is much more delicate than the Bilek kit and the canopy framing has been much improved. The Y-5 was exported to various countries including North Korea and Albania. Decals included for one PLAAF machine (we'd also recommend the Hi-Decal sheet number HD 72046 which features a North Korean Y-5). Ignore the boxart, this is a nice little kit! Price is $18

.SK 72003.JPG (101844 bytes) Harbin B-5 (Code SK 72003)

The unauthorised Chinese variant of the Il-28 was produced at the Harbin factory from 1966 onwards. It was exported to a number of countries including Egypt, Romania and Albania. There are small but significant differences between the Il-28 and the B-5, which this kit reflects. See below for more details. The kit is based on the Bilek but has been retooled, improving both detail and fit. Decals for 2 PLAAF aircraft. Price is $19.

B-5 kit 1.JPG (127400 bytes)


SK 72004.JPG (79742 bytes) Ilyushin Il-28 (Code SK 72004)

The Il-28 flew in Chinese service before the B-5 was put into production. Again, there were small differences between the Il-28s flying in Chinese and those in the Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact countries. Includes the early style Il-28 rear turret. Decals feature Chinese Navy aircraft. Price is $19.

Product code Item Scale Price (US$)
TSM 2270 Sukhoi Su-27UB 1/32 149.00
TR 2805 MiG-15UTI Trainer 1/48 23.99
TR 2219 MiG-21 UM 1/32 51.99
TR 2210 MiG-21F-13 1/32 79.00
TR 2216 Chengdu F-7II 1/32 79.00
SK 72002 Harbin Y-5 Transport 1/72 18.00
SK 72003 Harbin B-5 Bomber 1/72 19.00
SK 72004 Ilyushin Il-28 1/72 19.00
SK 32003 FT-5 1/32 28.00
SK 32005 F-5 1/32 28.00
SK 32006 F-5A 1/32 28.00



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