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Ukrainian Air Force Patches

The Air Force of Ukraine came into being on March 17, 1992 following the break-up of the Soviet Union and the subsequent declaration of independence by Ukraine.

(Photo credit: Ukrainian Air Force Command)

Air Force Command has its headquarters in the city of Vinnitsa and, as befits the second largest country in Europe, can boast a formidable array of modern combat and transport aircraft. The Ukrainian Air Force is considered to be the country's foremost guarantor of its independence and territorial integrity.


Linden Hill Imports is delighted to partner with Aviastyle, the official heraldic laboratory of the Ukrainian Air Force and its units. We are your only source for the new and unique insignia of the Ukrainian Air Force. All emblems below are manufactured to exacting high standards and are the official Air Force insignia.

(Please quote either the N or E number of the item when ordering)

New in stock!

N24 - 299th BRTA 'Attack Aviation' (Su-25) $13

N25 - 204th 'Sevastopolska' Tactical Aviation Brigade (MiG-29) $16


N20 - Ukrainian Air Force Su-27 display patch  $13

N21 - Zaporizkiy DARZ, Ukrainian AF Su-27 overhaul and maintenance facility $10

N22 - 9th Fighter Brigade patch (Zhitomir Air Base) $12

N23 - 831st 'Galatskaya' Fighter Brigade (Mirhorod Air Base) $12

Special Package deal in conjunction with Linden Hill Decals:

  LHD 32007XL (LHD 32007 decals plus patches N21, 22 and 23) $49



E1 - Ukrainian Air Force/Falcons pennant  $30

(front and back views shown. Pennant measures approx. 6" wide by 8" high/ 16cm wide by 21 cm high)

(all patches measure approx. 3 1/2" wide by 4" high/ 9cm x 11cm)

N2 - Ukrainian Air Force patch $9

N3 - UAF Band 'The Ukrainian Wings' patch $9

N5 - UAF staff patch $8.40

N6 -MiG-29 air crew patch $8

N7 - UAF frontline combat patch $8.40

N13 - flag patch for uniform $5

N15 - UAF senior staff $8

N16 - cap emblem 1 (bolstered) $12

N17 - cap emblem 2 $4

N-18 - Ukrainian Falcons pennant $25

same dimensions as E1 pennant

N-24 staffer wings $5


Thanks to the Ukrainian Air Force Command in Vinnitsa for their assistance in creating this page. Special thanks to Valeriy Lyakhov at Aviastyle.



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